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  • Flexible “Pay as You Go” Billing
  • Pay With a Credit Card
  • Trusted A-Rated Carriers
  • 100% Online Process
  • Coverage Within 48 Hours
  • Fast & Easy Renewal Process

security What Does It Cover?

One of the requirements of having employees is workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a mandatory policy that all companies with at least three employees must purchase and regardless of what state they operate in. This critical insurance policy covers the medical costs associated with any injury or illness to an employee that occurs while they are working or as a result of their work in addition to other benefits. In the event that an employee or company owner is injured or becomes sick while working or fulfilling work-related duties, personal and group health insurance will not provide coverage. As a result, if workers’ comp insurance is not in place, the company and potentially company owners will be responsible for paying 100% of all medical costs associated with the treating the work injury or illness suffered by the employee.

local_hospital Potentially Covered Injuries & Illnesses

  • Slip & Fall Related Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chemical Exposure Illnesses
  • Work-Induced Mental Illness
  • Hearing Loss
  • Car Accident Related Injuries

insert_chart How are Premiums Determined?

The insurance premiums for workers’ compensation depend on a number of factors. At a high level, each company’s industry classification code as well as job-specific classification codes are applied to the employer’s total payroll and job-specific payroll figures to come up with a projected total yearly premium. Things like location, experience level, and historical losses can also have an effect on total premium.

cloud_queue What We Do

We have created a platform where small businesses can purchase and manage their business liability insurance 100% online. Our technology intelligently recommends the right coverage for your business and quotes a real-time monthly price from the A, A+, or A++ rated insurance company best suited for your company and that you can pay for monthly with a credit card.

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