Partner With Us

Strategic Partnership Program


We partner with and promote other companies who create value for small business owners by designing and implementing technology to help them compete in today's digital world.

Mutual Customer Discounts

We focus on forming strategic partners with companies who are interested in developing mutual discounts, preferred pricing, and exclusive benefits for our shared customers.

Complementary Products or Services

As a small business service provider, we're dedicated to building strong partnerships with other small business service providers with a complementary offering and vision.

How it Works

Refer Existing Customers

Look like a hero when you offer additional value to your customers through our discounted products and services.

Promote the fact that you've partnered and negotiated exclusive discounts and pricing to help your customers obtain the insurance they need through a modern easy-to-use website and lightening fast process.


Platform Fee Revenue Share

We'll share a portion of the platform fee collected from every customer who you refer, forever.

After a customer creates an account using the unique link you provide them with, we'll notify you each time they purchase insurance and share the platform fee with you for the life of the account, including renewals.

Dedicated Partner Support

Our team of insurance and small business experts is here to help you make the most of our partnership.

As part of our partner commitment, we provided access to a dedicated team of experienced marketing professionals ready to help you offer our great products and services to your existing customers.


Everybody Wins

Create a new revenue stream while providing your customers with easy and affordable access to business insurance.

Nearly every business is legally required to have at least some form of insurance in place. Help your customers more easily and cost-effectively accomplish this necessary task so they can focus on what really matters.

Additional Features

When you partner with UnBrokerage to offer your existing customers discounted access to our commercial insurance products and services, you gain access to an entire suite of tools that help you keep an eye on the referred accounts and ensure they're satisfied and being properly taken care of.

Complete & Secure Visibility

Every referral partner is provided complete visibility of the accounts they refer including the total amount they're earning through the platform fee revenue share and broken down by customer.

Detailed Reporting

Generate and save detailed reports on the performance and status of your referred clients like total customers referred, total lines of coverage sold, current platform fee commissions, and more.

Triggered Notifications

You'll have the ability to create and configure triggered notifications about events with your referred clients like increases or decreases in platform fee commissions and upcoming renewals.

Co-Branding Opportunities

For established and well-performing referral partners, we offer comprehensive co-branding opportunities to help remind your referred customers of the additional value you're providing them with.