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Broker Partnership Program


Despite our name, we are firm believers that small businesses only win when traditional insurance brokers, digital brokers, and insurance carriers all work together.

Outsource Your Micro & Small Business

We know first hand that micro and small business doesn't generate enough commission revenue for insurance brokers. But small business can turn into big business. Let us incubate your small accounts until you can work with them profitably.

Earn Commissions Without the Work

When you transfer or refer small business accounts to us for incubation, we still share the commissions with you for as long as the customer remains on our platform. But because we're the broker of record, we handle 100% of the servicing and premium collection.

How it Works

Refer Your Small Business Inquiries

When you field an inquiry from a company who's too small for your services, refer them over to us.

Let these companies know that for businesses their size, you've partnered with us to offer insurance and servicing through a modern easy-to-use website and give them the unique partner link we assign to you.


Earn a Share of the Commissions

We'll share a portion of the commission for every customer who you refer to us, forever.

After a customer creates an account using the unique link you provide them with, we'll notify you each time they purchase insurance and share the commission with you for the life of the account, including renewals.


Become the broker of record and transition customers back to you when they reach a pre-determined threshold.

As part of our partnership agreement, you'll specify an annual premium and/or commission threshold when you want the ability to re-engage the customer about transitioning their account from our platform to you.


It's a Win-Win

Companies that are currently unprofitable for you to work with instantly become profitable.

By outsourcing the onboarding, servicing, and payment collection of micro and small business customers in exchange for a share of the commission, you're able to earn revenue without doing any of the work.

Additional Features

When you partner with UnBrokerage to manage your micro and small business customers, you gain access to an entire suite of tools that help you keep an eye on the referred accounts and their growth so you're properly prepared to transition them back to you when it makes sense.

Complete & Secure Visibility

Every broker partner is provided complete visibility of the accounts they refer including coverage details, premium amounts, commissions earned, payment history, claims history, and more.

Detailed Reporting

Generate and save detailed reports on the performance and status of your outsourced clients like total lines of coverage sold, total premium, estimated commission, and more.

Triggered Notifications

You'll have the ability to create and configure triggered notifications about events with your referred clients like upcoming renewals, changes or additions in coverage, and claim initiations.

Re-Engagement Assistance

As you monitor your referred accounts and when a customer is nearing the pre-determined re-engagement threshold, we'll help facilitate re-engagement discussions between you and referred company.