Insurance Needs Assessment

30 Seconds, No Phone Call

We understand that modern small business owners are forced to do a lot more with much less. We also know that time isn't something they can afford to waste. That's why created our 30-second insurance needs assessment. Quickly learn what, why, and how much without picking up the phone.

Start Your Insurance Search Here

For many business owners, this step can literally take weeks to complete.

We designed our insurance needs assessment to replace the task of trying to get an insurance agent on the phone to provide you with a rough idea of what coverage types your company needs and how much it's going to cost.

Refine for Increased Accuracy

Spend 60 total seconds for even more accurate assessment results and pricing.

If you have an additional 30 seconds to spare, you can refine your assessment results by providing a few additional details like your estimated annual payroll and the value of the company's physical property.

A Report Delivered to Your Inbox

Impress your Co-Founder, CEO, CFO, or anyone else at your organization.

After you've spent 30 seconds completing the assessment, simply provide your name and email and we'll deliver a beautiful report summarizing the results of the assessment to share with others or for future reference.

Plan for Your Future

The insurance assessment will always be 100% free, so go ahead and use it over and over.

Feel free to complete as many insurance assessments as you'd like as often as you want. Many of our customers use this free tool to estimate their future insurance needs and costs based on their projected and target growth goals.

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