Why Companies are Moving Their Insurance to Us for Free

Over the past several weeks, we have seen a lot of activity in part because of the release of our Insurance Certificate Generator and automated insurance transfer process. While creating a certificate of insurance is seemingly one of the easiest tasks for an insurance agent to complete, it often still takes much longer than people expect. By completely automating this task, we allow our customers to create proof of insurance instantly, anytime, and from anywhere.

Transfer an Insurance Policy


The certificate generator is just one example of the kind of value our online business insurance platform creates for our customers. As a result, increasing numbers of business owners are deciding to transfer their current insurance policies to our platform (also online, completely automated, and free). Transferring existing coverage to UnBrokerage is the easiest way for organizations of any size to gain access to our full platform without incurring any cost and without speaking to their current insurance agent or broker.  Our automated policy transfer process only requires that the business owner upload their company logo, enter in the policy numbers of the insurance policies they want to transfer, and then sign electronically with their mouse. We take care of the rest. No phone calls. No hassle.

Again, there is absolutely no cost to transfer you current coverage to us nor are there any costs associated with using our system after you transfer coverage. Perhaps best of all, when your policies are ready for renewal, we will automatically find you the same or better coverage and at a price that is up to 35% less and which you can pay monthly on a credit card. So the question shouldn’t be, “Why are companies moving their insurance to us?” It should be, “Why isn’t every company moving their insurance to us?”

If you’re interested in the easiest, most efficient, less expensive, and cashflow friendly way to manage your current commercial insurance policies, join the growing number of businesses moving to UnBrokerage and take a few minutes to create a free account and transfer your insurance to us today.